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My life in a bundle.

Ask me anything   Im Elizabeth Joy. & this is my face!(: I am 16 years of age. Single. I love Jesus & my friends with all of my heart. Flip flops. Sweet tea. Pearls. Country music. Country Boys. Galatians 1:10 <3

God does amazing things !

At Lift I made a crazy discovery that God has been putting together in my life & i just didnt notice till last weekend.

God has called me to be a missionary & teacher to foster kids going through child abuse ! <3

how i put it all together:

Every time i read my Bible last week , i read something about being a servent to God & being a missionary to those around you. & at lift he was calling me to go into ministry.


I have always wanted to be a teacher.


I REALLYYY dislike child abuse so much that i cant even put it into words !

Now all i have to do is put His calling for me in action ! <3

God can do amazing things w/ you too ! No matter how old you are or the circumstances you are in ! & He loves you !

Love yall !


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